Like cruising on a catamaran in the Caribbean.

A very straightforward scent, providing aromas of ozone and citrus, with accents of honeydew and violet.  A refreshing breath of the coast, right in your own home.



Like a crisp mimosa at Sunday brunch.

A very warm silky finishing scent, with notes of sandalwood, almond, and a hint of spice.  Perfect for a brilliant start to your day, or unwinding after a long one.  Instantly puts your mind at ease.



An escape to your happy place, assuming you’re not already in it.

An exuberating whiff of lily of the valley, with hints of orange, rose and mint.  An unavoidable transfiction perfect for any setting.



Like stepping off the plane in paradise.

Combining scents of white jasmine, freshly squeezed citrus, and basil just picked from the garden.  The perfect candle to light right before the party starts.



Like a dive into a blackberry farm-field.

Deep, rich aromas of berry tartness and vibrant woodiness.  The ideal accent to any chic, tasteful setting.



Like its 49 other shades, indescribably intimate, and irresistibly sleek.

An elegant, earthy scent, with a hint of prized woods and grapefruit.  The perfect aroma and source of light for a sleek, amorous scene.  Designed for the dapper individual.